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Sustainable essentials at affordable prices. Empowering you to lead a global change. 

“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want” 

- Anna Lappe 


We make it simple. All Eco Rio products are packaged in eco-friendly packaging and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


5% for the planet. 

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Bring Your Own.

Refuse to use single-use plastics.

It’s a simple solution to plastic pollution. 

Eco Tips & Statistics

Promote Your Environment

First Reduce

Less than 10% of the 300 million tons of plastic produced annually is recycled. First reduce, then reuse, then recycle.


8 million tons of plastic finds its way into our oceans every year. We are the largest players in the ecosystem. Every action we take is powerful. Take action against plastic pollution.

Influence Others

Your actions are powerful. Be apart of the ripple effect. Influence Others. Together we will create a global change.

Mind Set

Did you know that the consumer has the power? Every purchase you make paves the way to the future you want. Choose to refuse single-use products. Bring Your Own.

Plastic never truly decomposes. It slowly breaks down into microplastics. While breaking down it leaches toxic chemicals into our soil and water. These microplastics are ingested by wildlife (most commonly marine animals) causing poisoning and starvation. Micro-plastics often end up on our plates inside seafood and even freshwater fish. 

“There was a dive this year I had at Manta bay (when I took these photos) and the amount of trash was immense. From anything like plastic take away cutlery, to tampons, nappies, laundry liquid packaging… you name it I saw it. I had some guests diving with me at the time and I was actually embarrassed. It's like taking a good hard look in the mirror and seeing just what we are doing to this planet. Coming up from the dive my guests instantly were looking for someone to blame and asking why is no one doing anything about it. It’s so easy to blame the governments, manufacturers, and companies selling these products who of course have some responsibility. I feel we should also start looking more at ourselves and what ways do we contribute to this problem.” - Brooke Pyke


More Manta Ray Photos Here. 

Protect Our Planet

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