Why We Created  Eco Rio 

We believe in the power of numbers.

Eco Rio’s mission is to restore and protect our planet. We aim to do this by addressing the core of the pollution problem: consumerism. Everyday consumerism strongly influences our planet's environmental degradation. We have become a throw-away society. Disposable and limited lifetime products are made by design to be purchased, thrown out, then purchased again. 99% of the stuff we buy is thrown away within 6 months. The consumer’s daily habits must drastically change.








Eco Rio strives to empower the consumer to lead a global change by making high-quality sustainable products both affordable and easily accessible. Not only does Eco Rio offer these alternatives to consumers but we also donate 5% of all profits to environmental charities. Empowering you to lead a global change. 

"My images of this Manta Ray swimming amongst a cloud of plastic pollution was shared on Instagram and it surprised me how many people didn’t believe they were real photos. This to me is such a tragedy that people are so unaware that this is even going on. I had comments such as “this is definitely photoshopped” “this is fake” and many things along those lines. Maybe it is so shocking that you can’t believe it until you see it for yourself?”

- Brooke Pyke


More Manta Ray Photos Here. 

Did you know that the consumer has the power?


Every purchase we make paves the way to the future we want.


Together we can create a more sustainable world by purchasing waste-free products and supporting non-profit companies that share our mission.


That is why Eco Rio strives to provide you with convenient and affordable waste-free alternatives to environmentally harmful products and donates 5% of all profits to environmental non-profit organizations.


Thank you for joining us in the fight against environmentally harmful products.


Eco Rio, empowering the consumer one product at a time.

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