Conveniently eliminate waste and save money, you'll never need to buy plastic Ziploc bags again! Thick, durable, tear-proof and leak-proof; our bags are a superior and reusable alternative. The sliders easily glide on and off providing an airtight seal to keep your food fresh. Our bags stand up on their own making them easy to fill and dry. Simply wash and reuse for years to come. They have a notepad area so you can conveniently label them. Don’t worry it will wash right off.

Families can now reduce waste while also saving money and time gaining convenience in their everyday lives. Let our reusable silicone Ziploc bags allow you to live a simple and affordable waste-free lifestyle.


  • Material: FDA Approved 100% Food Grade Silicone 
  • Size: 18cm (7") tall x 20cm (8") wide 
  • Holds: 4 cups / 1 liter / 30oz
  • Measurement marks: Cups, Milliliters, & Fluid Ounces.
  • Temperature Range: -58°F to 482°F (-50° C -250°C) 

Silicone Ziplock Bags

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  • Details

    Non-Toxic & BPA Free

    Microwave Safe 

    Freezer Safe

    Oven Safe 

    Dishwasher Safe

    Durable/Will Not Tear


    ⚠️Do not put sliders in the oven. Sliders are Microwave, Freezer, & Dishwasher safe but not oven safe. Slider Max Temperature: -58°F to 176°F (-60ºC ~ 80ºC). Do not use permanent marker on the notepad area. 

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150 Product Reviews


Duane L.


So many great reason to purchase.

I've tried other silicone lids but they just lay or suction to the top, these pull over the edge of the container and seal tight. They have tabs for easy pull off, I have arthritis in my hands so very easy to get off. They was right up and are ready for use. To be environmentally conscious they use all environment friendly packaging. I would purchase again and what a great way to help save our planet. Any little step we can do to help.


Duane L.


Save our planet for the future.

I've always washed my storage bags before and re-used...I know cheap but you learn from your mom. My other family makes fun of me well now I have a reason to wash and re-use that is the purpose of silicone bags. Another great way to save our planet for our future generations. Even delivered in planet friendly packaging.


Kelsey M.


So Simple!

This beechwood straw case is so cool!!! I also really appreciated the 100% biodegradable & plastic-free packaging. A very convenient way to always have 2 clean straws with me. Fits in my purse perfectly. I bought a second one to keep in the glove box as a backup.


Noemi L.

I fell in love with...

I fell in love with my first set of silicone bags. I immediately realized I needed more so I placed a second order. I love everything about them, I just wish they came In bigger sizes. I love the free produce bags and straws I received with my order. This company rocks, therefore I just placed an order for the silicone covers. I can’t wait to receive them! Thank you for helping us save the planet with your amazing eco-friendly products.


Blake S.


I absolutely love these. They have made putting away leftovers so much easier. I just put a stretch lid onto the bowl or plate and rarely need to transfer stuff into Tupperware containers anymore. Here’s the thing though, no perfect miracle exists so they don’t perfectly fit every single size bowl or plate but I’d say they perfectly fit 90+% of my bowls and plates including the ones I use most so I am more than happy. It’s also fine if I put a stretch lid that’s a little larger than the bowl, it still gets the job done and keeps the food fresh longer than plastic wrap. They are stackable too, which is a bonus.




Very Pleased

These stretch lids are truly amazing! I can already tell that we will use them constantly. I really appreciate how easy they are to store, I just roll them up. Goodbye plastic wrap!!...Finally.

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